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Corum Saint Jean 17 Rue Gaultier de Biauzat, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
+33 4 73 31 57 00
Association Godefroy de Bouillon Creche Multi-acceuil les P'tit As Evrard Franck 15 Rue d'Alsace, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
+33 4 73 23 20 92
AramisAuto 148 Avenue du Brézet, 63100 Clermont-Ferrand, France
+33 4 73 26 40 12
Michelin Headquarters 23 Place des Carmes Dechaux, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
+33 4 73 32 20 00
Biard Benoit 99 Avenue de la République, 63100 Clermont-Ferrand, France
+33 4 73 42 39 63
FNAC Centre Commercial Jaude, 18 Rue d'Allagnat, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
+33 825 02 00 20
Le Kalash Restaurant 10 Rue du Port, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
+33 4 73 90 19 22
Centre Jean Perrin (Clermont-Ferrand) 58 Rue Montalembert, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
+33 4 73 27 80 80
UPC Aristide Briand 8 Rue Saint-Simon, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
+33 4 73 34 03 38
Clinique de la Plaine 123 Boulevard Étienne Clémentel, 63100 Clermont-Ferrand, France
+33 826 39 99 12
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The Place of Jaude The Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption of Clermont, The tramway Translohr ; The  Statue of Vercingétorix  The Opera of Clermont-Ferrand.





  (French pronunciation: ​[klɛʀmɔ̃ fɛʀɑ̃], Auvergnat Occitan: Clarmont-Ferrand / Clarmont d'Auvèrnhe) is a city and commune of France, in the Auvergne region, with a population of 141,000 (2011). Its metropolitan area had 467,178 inhabitants at the 2011 census. It is theprefecture (capital) of the Puy-de-Dôme department. Serge Godard is its current mayor.

Clermont-Ferrand sits on the plain of Limagne in the Massif Central and is surrounded by a major industrial area. The city is famous for the chain of volcanoes, the Chaîne des Puys surrounding it. The famous dormant volcano Puy-de-Dôme (10 kilometres (6 miles) from the city) is one of the highest of these and well known for the telecommunication antennas that sit on its top and are visible from far away.

Clermont-Ferrand is also famous for hosting the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, one of the world's leading international festivals for short films, the Festival du Court Metrage de Clermont-Ferrand, as well as the corporate headquarters of Michelin, the global tyre company created more than 100 years ago in the city.

Clermont-Ferrand's most famous public square is Place de Jaude, on which stands a grand statue of Vercingetorix sitting imperiously on a horse and holding a sword. The inscription reads: J'ai pris les armes pour la liberté de tous (English: I took up arms for the liberty of all). This statue was sculpted by Frédéric Bartholdi, who also created the Statue of Liberty.





Clermont-Ferrand’s first name was Augusto Nemetum. It was born on the central knoll where the cathedral is situated today, known then as Nemossos. It overlooked the capital of Gaulish Avernie. The fortified castle of Clarus Mons gave its name to the whole town in 848, to which the small episcopal town of Montferrand was attached in 1731, together taking the name of Clermont-Ferrand. The old part of Clermont is delimited by the route of the ramparts, as they existed at the end of the Middle Ages. The town of Clermont-Ferrand came about with the joining together of two separate towns, Clermont and Montferrand, which was decreed by Louis XIII and confirmed byLouis XV.



Prehistoric and Roman



Statue of Vercingétorix byFrédéric Auguste Bartholdi on the main square of the city



Clermont ranks among the oldest cities of France. The first known mention was by the Greek geographer Strabo, who called it the "metropolis of the Arverni" (meaning theiroppidum, civitas or tribal capital). The city was at that time called Nemessos – a Gaulish word for a sacred forest, and was situated on the mound where the current cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand has been constructed. It was somewhere in the area around Nemossos that the Arverni chieftainVercingetorix (later to head a unified Gallic resistance toRoman invasion under Julius Caesar) was born in around 72 BC. Also, Nemossos was situated not far from the plateau of Gergovia, where Vercingetorix pushed back the Roman assault at the Battle of Gergovia in 52 BC. After the Roman conquest, the city became known as Augustonemetum sometime in the 1st century, a name which combined its original Gallic name with that of the Emperor Augustus. Its population was estimated at 15,000–30,000 in the 2nd century, making it one of the largest cities of Roman Gaul. It then became Arvernis in the 3rd century (taking its name, like other Gallic cities in this era, from the people who lived within its walls), and expanded until the mid 3rd century.



Main sights



Basilica of Notre-Dame du Port.


Religious architecture


Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption.

Clermont-Ferrand has two famous churches. One is Notre-Dame du Port, a Romanesque church which was built during the 11th and 12th centuries (the bell tower and was rebuilt during the 19th century). It was nominated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998. The other isClermont-Ferrand Cathedral (Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption de Clermont-ferrand), built in Gothic style between the 13th and the 19th centuries.


Parks and gardens


Lecoq Garden (Jardin Lecoq)








Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral of Notre-Dame de l'Assomption.



SOURCE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clermont-Ferrand

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